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Full Project Title: Conditions for sustainable adoption of water and moisture system innovations in Nile river basin: Case of Makanya watershed in Tanzania (SG503)


The project objective is to enhance adoption of high potential interventions for increasing agricultural water productivity to improve adoption of agricultural water and moisture system innovations (WMSIs) among smallholder farmers for enhanced livelihoods in semi-arid areas.

Research Highlights

Research highlights

  • A list of various smallholder water management innovations that are practiced in the semi-arid areas.
  • An assessment of potential of the WMSIs to improve farmers’ livelihoods: An economic analysis of the innovations based on various crop enterprises with the potential to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.
  • Strategies and approaches that facilitate scaling up of WMSIs using a variety of strategies to foster wider adoption of innovations through knowledge sharing and learning.
Project Outcomes

Project outcomes

  • Innovation on methodology for scaling up/out of technologies and information sharing strategy enhanced by interactions among fellow farmers who see the practical benefits of improved WMSIs techniques have resulted in the rapid adoption of WMSIs in all villages.
  • Within a short time (one year) of project implementation, farmers have implemented a number of WMSIs in their farms and shared knowledge with fellow farmers in their villages.
  • Interactive and participatory processes in knowledge sharing and learning used by the project to promote activities have increased farmers’ enthusiasm to adopt WMSIs that have been there over 50 years.
Publications and Outputs

Selected publications and outputs

Journal articles (in review)

  1. Gender Dynamics in the Adoption of Interventions for Increasing Agricultural Water Productivity: A Case of Water System Innovations in Makanya Catchment, Tanzania – CPWF SG 503 SP 1. Presented in IFWF, Vientiane, Laos, November 2006. Forwarded for Journal peer reviews.
  2. Determinants of adoption of moisture and water conservation practices in semi-arid areas: The case of North-eastern Tanzania – CPWF SG 503 SP 2. Submitted to African Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR).
  3. Potentials and uptake of Water and Moisture System Innovations: Case of Makanya Watershed in Tanzania – CPWF SG 503 SP 3.

Reports and manuals

  1. Final Technical Report referred as CPWF SG 503 FTR 2007 – Annex I – This is the report that has technical information obtained in the project. It reports detailed results, discussions and their implication and recommendation derived from detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  2. Review of water and moisture system innovations in the Nile Basin – CPWF SG 503 RP 1 (Annex B1)
  3. Review of adoption theories and models – CPWF SG 503 RP 2 (Annex B2)

Farmer stories

  1. Stories of Farmers’ Most Significant Change through CPWF SG 503 Project in Makanya Catchment, Same District, Tanzania – CPWF SG 503 MSC 1.
  2. Most Significant Change Stories: Knowledge Sharing and Communication Strategy in Agricultural Water Innovation Systems in Makanya Catchment, Same District, Tanzania – CPWF SG 503 MSC 2.
Project Partners

Project partners


Project Lead

Project lead


For more information on Phase 1 outputs please contact Udana Ariyawansa.