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Full Project Title: Participatory water resource planning and development for economic sufficiency through learning alliance approach in the northeast of Thailand (SG501)


Until recently, integrated water resource management within government sectors was primarily planned at watershed level with little emphasis on community and household levels. The approaches have faced wide inefficiency in use and poor return of investment due to inappropriate designs and water use plans.

The main objective of the project was to verify if the water resource management could be improved if household and farm scales are considered in planning and practice and smaller scale management would prove more beneficial for water resource distribution and water users.

Research Highlights

Research highlights

  • Learning alliance development for integrated water resource management at community, regional and national levels.
  • Best practice identification for integrated water resource management at household and community levels.
  • Government and local administration on projects of multiple uses of farm ponds and support of water resource management.
  • Improved national water research strategies and development and integration of local best practices to national water legislation.
  • Better consultations on water resource management for sufficiency economy.
Project Outcomes

Project outcomes

  • One of the most significant changes was in the increased acceptance by central and government of local wisdom and concepts of the sufficiency economy as a basis for guiding policy and practices towards planning and practice of water resource development for betterment of livelihoods.
  • Inputs of the project into the national water law.
  • Continuous development of learning alliances and new development projects at regional and national levels.
  • National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) accepting research teams as members for long-term national water resource policy development.
Publications and Outputs

Selected publications and outputs

  1. Working paper on “Policy intervention on water resource management in Thailand”.
Project Partners

Project partners


Project Lead

Project lead


For more information on Phase 1 outputs please contact Udana Ariyawansa.