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Full Project Title: Development and testing of training materials and information for scaling up dissemination of micro-irrigation and associated water-control technologies designed for small plot systems (SG507)


In India and Nepal, International Development Enterprises (IDE) water control technologies are not used but experience with watershed management and water conservation exists. The objective was to prepare written materials, photo and video presentations, and training guides necessary for other organizations to gain competency in disseminating affordable water control technologies to small-plot farmers. The publicity and training materials were introduced to one local implementing NGO in Nepal and one in India to refine and improve the materials.

Research Highlights

Research highlights

  • This project was effective at building on the previous field research on technologies and creating tools for sharing the technologies and training users on them. It also encouraged and incorporated feedback from farmers and local NGOs on the training methods and tools IDE developed.
  • The experience of the training and exposure visit aspects of the project built IDE’s capacity in training local NGOs to work with farmers in use of water control technologies. This training of trainers is key to broader incorporation of water control technologies into the work of local NGOs in both countries.
Project Outcomes

Project outcomes

  • The major impact on livelihoods within the project was the increase in income received by farmers using the micro irrigation systems designed to use water efficiently, allowing the productive use of very small amounts of water. Farmers also were able to consume the vegetables they were producing, improving health.
  • The actual outcomes of the project were the innovations in the water control technologies had already been created, tested, and used in both countries. However, the broader dissemination of these technologies required effective training and educational materials. Since the dissemination has yet to happen, it is unclear which of the materials will ultimately be most successful for wide-scale uptake of the technologies.
Publications and Outputs

Selected publications and outputs

Training materials and manuals

  1. Technical manual for IDEal Micro Irrigation Systems
  2. Marketing Manual for IDEal Micro Irrigation Systems
  3. User Manual for IDEal Drip Systems for end users
  4. Product Catalogue for all IDE Technologies in India
  5. Video for installation training of IDEal Drip Systems
Project Partners

Project partners

Dilasa, SSSP

Project Lead

Project lead


For more information on Phase 1 outputs please contact Udana Ariyawansa.