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Full Project Title: Food security in Southern Uganda (SG513)


The main goal of the project was to enhance food security using an integrated approach combining water management, appropriate technology and organic farming.

The project aimed: to provide food security to 90 households by establishing three cohesive farmers’ groups practicing integrated organic farming; demonstrate several farming methods of minimising water evaporation and runoff to increase water holding capacity of the soil, agricultural yields per acreage and environment security to combat climate change; training rural women in water harvesting and conservation to enhance household security.

Research Highlights

Research highlights

  • This project as a community development program has supported over 90 rural subsistence farmers to improve household food security in a more sustainable manner through adoption of better use and management of locally available farm resources.
  • Rapid water run-off and soil erosion have been effectively handled by the project participants through adoption of different techniques that include; innovative water storages made of polyethylene as an inner lining and contour ridges.
Project Outcomes

Project outcomes

  • Integrated organic farming, over ninety households have been transformed from depleted homes into viable families meeting their basic needs, chronic food insecurity is no longer a problem.
  • A comprehensive water management scheme in the farmers’ homes with devised underground water catchments is the most significant and innovative way of water harvesting for domestic use and farming activities.
  • With water management scheme in the farmers’ homes, the living standards of the beneficiaries have improved from a situation of dependence on subsistence farming which was detrimental to the soil to the current state of market oriented farming that has not only helped earn a substantial income but also able to feed their families on a regular basis.
Publications and Outputs

Selected publications and outputs

Farmer stories

  1. Self-reliance on food
  2. Water and organic farm resources
Project Partners

Project partners


Project Lead

Project lead


For more information on Phase 1 outputs please contact Udana Ariyawansa.