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Four projects, led by three different organizations and made up of numerous additional partnerships have come together to address the identified Ganges Basin Development Challenge to ‘increase the resilience of agriculture and aquaculture systems in the coastal zone of Bangladesh’. The integrated, cross-discipline nature of these projects necessitated the creation of a ‘Coordination and Change Enabling project’ (G5).

The role of the Ganges Coordination and Change Enabling project is to create an environment of learning and sharing across project teams, facilitate the exchange of pertinent data and findings, monitor project progress, conduct project management activities and liaise with the CPWF program team. The Coordination and Change project uses an adaptive management framework, which provides the flexibility for projects to adjust to changing circumstances and new ideas. Reflection workshops are organised twice a year for project teams to come together to share their research results, and plans for the coming months. The workshops are an important venue to exchange ideas, rationalise plans and promote cohesion. As research has progressed, the relevant Government of Bangladesh personnel, complementary projects/programs, and donors have participated in workshop sessions that are structured to promote the exchange of views and advice related to research results.

Out-scaling activities have been carried out with the support of BRAC, a major Bangladesh NGO. The project helped BRAC to establish an aquaculture ‘cell’ within its Food Security Program through which BRAC conducts extension activities and training with farmer groups. This collaboration has allowed the project to introduce and train BRAC staff on the new cropping systems being devised by CPWF projects.

The Coordination and Change project is currently engaged in identifying future opportunities for integration with the CGIAR Research Programs on Water Land and Ecosystems, and Aquatic Agricultural Systems, in addition to interested bilateral donors supporting complementary programs.

This project will conclude in December 2014.


International Center for Living Aquatic Resource Management—WorldFish, BRAC

Project Leader

Craig Meisner, c.meisner@cgiar.org