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In the Nile River basin, CPWF worked to “improve rural livelihoods and their resilience through a landscape approach to rainwater management.” To situate the program’s research and activities in the river basin, the N1 project reviewed past experiences and lessons learned on sustainable land management and rainwater management programs. 

The result, a report entitled “Promoting improved rainwater and land management in the Blue Nile (Abay) basin of Ethiopia”, traces the origins, evolution, outputs, outcomes and impacts of about 40 years of research and investment programs.  It highlights the ways in which the implementation programs evolved and were adapted based on both research findings and implementation. To complete the report, the authors supplemented their review of more than 400 references with key informant interviews.

The report offers recommendations for both research priorities and implementation, and it remains an important introduction to the state of knowledge on rainwater management in Ethiopia as of late 2010.

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  • Researchers have a better understanding of past and ongoing rainwater management programs and research and build upon past efforts to develop and implement current projects and activities.
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Project Leader

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