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Climate Change in Africa’s Major River Basins Could Impede Continent’s Farm Transformation Efforts, Increase Cross-Border Water Conflicts

A five year global research project focused on water, food and poverty nexus in major river basins recently released new information on climate change impacts for these basins. In their examination CC media release 2of the potential effects over the next 40 years of higher temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns, the scientists concluded that climate change would bring uncertainty and change to previously stable climates. They urge governments to be prepared to capitalize on the change by investing now in long-term, cooperative strategies to promote agricultural productivity and sharing of water resources. Future uncertainty regarding the precise impacts of climate change must not act as a barrier to the creation of adaptable, future-oriented institutions and political systems.

The findings will be presented and discussed further at the 3rd International Forum on Water and Food, in Tshwane, South Africa

Here you can find the media release as well as a number of other materials. For more information contact, Michael Victor, Communication Coordinator,


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