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CPWF and the EDF Group will convene a High Level Panel on the Water, Food and Energy Nexus at the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France on March 16. The Water, Food and Energy Nexus (WFE) Panel brings together people with the highest level of experience across the three sectors in government, the private sector, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. It offers stimulating discussion and interaction with the audience on success stories of joined-up thinking that leads to broader benefits and of the enabling environment necessary to replicate this experience in other areas.

The High Level Panel is a continuation of the dialogue initiated at the Bonn2011 Conference on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus  and also reflects the recent recommendations of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability to work across fragmented ‘silos’ and strive for development within planetary boundaries.  The following background material and focus of this High Level Panel is based on the key messages and policy recommendations emerging from Bonn2011 and provides a next step in the discussions towards Rio+20.

Expected Outcomes

The High Level Panel will demonstrate the imperative of taking a more coherent and synergistic approach to addressing water, food and energy security as set out in the Bonn2011 Conference. The case will be made through the lenses and experiences of Panel Members showing that new approaches can bring desired development results. It is not always going to be straightforward and the discussion will illustrate how barriers have been overcome. During their concluding remarks, the Panel Members will be requested to provide insight into their personal and corporate commitments for taking forward the Nexus challenge. Being part of the discussion will challenge the audience to look for new opportunities. The Panel will be one further step in taking forward solutions to Rio+20 and beyond.

The Output of the Panel will add to and support the Nexus case made by Bonn2011 and the High Level Panel on Global Sustainability. As the post-Rio discussions on sustainability development goals moves forward, momentum is expected to focus increasingly on Nexus considerations.


The Panel messages together with those of the related Ministerial Roundtable will be taken forward to Rio+20 and beyond. It is also expected that the advocacy wok of the High Level Panel will continue beyond the Forum under the leadership of one of the Panellists. A press release will be prepared in advance of the Panel to attract media and public attention.

Documentation of the Panel will be completed with a session report including the case studies and discussions that can then be used as a reference for the Panel’s further work to stimulate implementation of more Nexus oriented thinking and initiatives that can be implemented and reported in Daegu at the Seventh World Water Forum.

For more information read Alain Vidal’s blog piece.

Download the Draft Program Concept Note.

Download the draft Program is here WFE-Nexus Programme 20120229.

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