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‘Water Valuation’ (MK2) set out to assess the value of water in its various uses at reservoirs and at catchment levels and share lessons on hydropower development. It included an assessment of water needs for major water uses (e.g. agriculture, fisheries, ecosystem, and/or hydro-power) and estimated the costs and benefits associated with different water management strategies and scenarios. Water valuation informs sharing and allocation decisions and is seen as essential to well-informed water resource management.

During the duration of the project, MK2 received a Learning to Innovate (L2i) CPWF Innovation Fund grant to take 13 Cambodian provincial government officials, NGO workers, and community members from Steung Treng province on a study tour of the Theun-Hinboun Dam expansion project in Lao PDR.


This project is led by the WorldFish Center, in partnership with the Culture and Environment Preservation Association (Cambodia), the Central Institute for Economic Management, Ministry of Planning and Investment (Vietnam), Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Lao PDR), and the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Project Leader

Project leader: Dr. Yumiko Kura (y.kura[at]