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In the Mekong, hydropower planning, implementation and assessment either fails to consider gender, or does so marginally. The Mekong project on ‘Balancing the Scales – Gender Justice in Hydropower’ (MK13) saw this a serious deficit that results in the negative impacts of hydropower disproportionately affecting women, while the positive benefits disproportionally affect men.

Oxfam drew on its existing expertise in gender analysis and impact assessment for this project in an effort to incorporate gender considerations into the hydropower development planning process.


This project had three target groups: hydropower developers, financiers, and administrators. It strived to effect change in their knowledge, attitudes, and skills (KAS) such that target groups alter the ways in which they plan and implement hydropower, as well as the ways in which they manage the distribution of benefits, to take gender into consideration.


MK13 was led by Oxfam Australia, working in partnership with the NGO Forum on Cambodia and GreenID, a non-profit organization established under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).

Project Leader

Pauline Taylor McKeown (