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As part of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food’s (CPWF) integration with the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE), CPWF is developing a strategy to ensure its knowledge management portfolio (communication, information management, monitoring and evaluation, and uptake) is integrated in order to ensure long-term use of its outputs. CPWF’s lessons and experiences can help to inform WLE’s knowledge management practices as the program evolves.

Moreover, where possible, CPWF’s extensive partnership base and social capital will be leveraged to support WLE in its start-up phase.

A concrete example of this initiative is the transition from the CPWF Twitter account (@waterandfood) to WLE (@WLE-CGIAR). Over the last year and half, @waterandfood has become a key linkage point for CPWF social media activities. From an initial group of 10 followers in May 2011, it has now grown to more than 2,000 followers. More than 5% of CPWF’s web traffic is directed from Twitter. Recently, the program was asked to become part of the Guardian Development Blog‘s ‘Water Twitter Roll’.

With this move, WLE will gain an active, targeted membership base and will work with CPWF social media coordinators to continue to foster and expand networks and contacts through Twitter.

In the near future, CPWF will discuss opportunities for integrating other systems, such as the CPWF Yammer community, CPWF Outputs, as well as other social media channels, including YouTubeSlideshare and Flickr.

During this period of integration, CPWF and WLE will continue to prioritize principles of collaboration, as well as user experience, needs and opportunities. Our networks and contacts remain a central focus, and we endeavor to make this transition in a thoughtful way.

For now, we will differentiate between CPWF and WLE content on Twitter by using the hashtags #CPWF and #WLE.

For more information contact Abby Waldorf.



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