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IWMI senior researcher, Aditi Mukherji, who leads the CPWF-Ganges project on ‘water governance and community-based management’, was recently awarded the new Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, Endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation

Dr. Mukherji is being recognized for her pioneering work on groundwater irrigation for agriculture in India. When more than 4,000 surveys conducted with groundwater users in West Bengal revealed policy restrictions were preventing farmers from irrigating their crops, she worked with policy makers to improve farmer access to groundwater. Dr. Mukherji attributes this project’s success to the ability to collaborate with other researchers as well as policy makers to ensure that research findings resulted in positive changes for local farmers.

“Dr. Mukherji has demonstrated qualities that emulate Dr. Borlaug’s ingenuity and perseverance in transferring his scientific breakthroughs to farmers and hungry people around the world through the gateway of government policy and action,” said Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation. “Like Dr. Borlaug, she has shown persistence, innovation, effective communication, contribution to science, and application of that science for policy change to improve lives and livelihoods.”

The award was announced at this year’s Stockholm World Water Week, where Dr. Mukherji presented the findings of her groundwater survey.

For more information, read the Borlaug Field Award announcement. Visit Aditi Mukherji’s blog to learn more about her work.