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For CPWF, 2011 was a year of fundamental change. However, despite major revisions both in governance structures and our future direction, we still focused on our primary objective of addressing the challenges laid out in our Basin Development Challenges and collaborating for greater impact.

The theme for this year’s annual report “working together for impact” was chosen because we believe that halfway through its second phase, the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) is moving toward a viable model of outcome-based research-for-development.

This past year solidified our conceptions of how a global research- for-development program should work. CPWF operates on the belief that the sum is greater than its parts and a program-based approach actively connects different elements. Likewise, we have demonstrated the value of focusing on specific impact-oriented challenges in each basin rather than only on broad themes. Such an approach has made our research more relevant to, and ensured more buy-in from, local partners.

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  1. Kaganga John says:

    Thanks for that informative and educative report,please continue sending us current and update information which is leading us to sustainable development.