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CPWF-Andes has recently launched a new website to help increase awareness and understanding of benefit-sharing mechanisms (BSM). The website provides information about the CPWF-Andes projects, an ever expanding resource library, as well as a learning center for those interested in implementing benefit-sharing mechanisms. It is available in Spanish and English.

Benefit-sharing mechanisms seek to redistribute the benefits of a healthy watershed equitably to all everyone in the watershed and are typically a series of agreements between all watershed stakeholders. The CPWF-Andes experience has shown that one of the keys to a successful benefit-sharing mechanism is to ensure it is designed within the local social and hydrological context and is continually revised to respond to the ever-changing needs of communities and environments. BSMs work best where there is a high downstream demand and seasonal water supply upstream – however in these circumstances there is often a large power difference between stakeholders. The poorest having the least access to information and negotiating power. To ensure the agreements reached are equitable and help fight poverty it is essential that all stakeholders are provided with all necessary information to make informed decisions.

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