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Thailand’s economy is growing rapidly and so is its demand for energy.  To meet this energy demand, Thailand has been expanding its hydropower development in neighbouring countries, with a number of projects currently under-construction in Lao PDR. This development includes Thailand’s construction of the Xayaburi dam, the first mainstream dam in the Lower Basin. These dams are not without controversy. They provide an important source of relatively cheap and clean energy to Thailand, but the environmental and social impacts of energy production are borne by Thailand’s neighbours and the Basin’s ecology. Dealing with trade-offs in energy production is always complex!

In order to better understand these issues, CPWF’s MK8 Project, Improving Hydropower Decision Making Processes in the Mekong Basin, in conjunction with the Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University has developed a series of five videos to explain the opportunities, limitations and challenges of Thai hydropower development. The videos are each approximately 10 minutes long and include high quality animations to illustrate the complex issues inherent in the hydropower decision-making process.  Each video is presented in Thai with English subtitles. This set of videos will be especially useful as an educational tool for a wide range of ages. Although the videos are focused on Thailand, they provide useful information that is relevant to a wide range of states developing hydropower. Watch the series:

The videos are also available on YouTube:

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