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Dear CPWF Friends and Colleagues,

As CPWF comes officially to a close this month, we wanted to thank you for all your great efforts and collaboration these past twelve years. We truly believe CPWF is greater than the sum of all its parts and that we have gone a long way towards demonstrating the effectiveness of a different type of research approach that puts people and development at the center of its efforts.

program teamCPWF’s work has been at the forefront of CGIAR reform and change. It will certainly be recognized in the future, within and beyond the CGIAR, as a successful initiative that was ahead of its time in changing the paradigm of how agriculture and natural resource management research is carried out. As the CPWF External Review stated: “There is clear evidence that CPWF’s implementation principles and strategies were a key contributory factor in the program being able to translate research outputs into outcomes.” The research-for-development model piloted by CPWF has been groundbreaking, and our concrete results have yielded changes in natural resources management practices and policies in multiple regions.

We write to you in the midst of a campaign that marks the end of CPWF by sharing our results, and our lessons. To this end, the CPWF website has been repurposed into a learning portal on R4D and water management. The website presents the program’s findings on the water, food, and poverty challenges faced by the world today, organized by river basin and by research topic. It also provides insights into lessons learned on CPWF’s research-for-development approach. We hope that researchers, academics, development professionals, policy makers, donors, and other interested visitors will find it to be a relevant and valuable resource. Please share it widely.

We would also like to direct your attention to a short animation we have just released, which provides a concise introduction to our research-for-development approach.

Finally, we are hoping to hear from you. A digital message board has been added to the website and we encourage you to add your thoughts and reflections on CPWF.

Thank you for all the great work and inspiration. Wishing you the best and expecting to stay in touch.

The CPWF Program Team