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  • The Forum as a coffee house to spur innovation

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    Close your eyes and imagine. An important research conference where more than 139 abstracts are submitted. One can see a number of parallel sessions, each with four to five power point presentations focused on the methodology and emerging results.  Te…

  • IFWF Trailer – Dr. Seraphine Kabore Sawadogo

    IFWF, IFWF3 Feed, Imported June 21, 2011 at 16:06 Comments are Disabled

    Dr. Seraphine, a long time CPWF partner and member ofthe Volta Basin Development Challenge explains the overall focus of the forum as well as reflects upon the last forum in Addis Abba in 2008. This is a short introduction (in French Language) into the…

  • Forum to address pressing water and food challenges

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    Increasing food prices, rising costs of energy, water scarcity, evidence of ecosystem stress, mass migration and impacts from climate change are all impacting the agriculture production and water management. How can we meet the food, water and energy n…

  • Why participate in the Forum? Message from the CPWF Director

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    CPWF Director Alain Vidal recently spoke about some of his expectations regarding the International Forum on Water and Food. Alain explains the IFWF Comes at an opprotune time. The issues related to food production and water management are gaining more…