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NETmap Summer School, NET-Map originally supported by CPWF has been evolving and is offering a summer school for interested users.

We will offer two beginners classes on the 20-21 of June and the 27-28 of June, where you will learn how to use Net-Map to understand complex and messy issues that involve many different actors with different goals, formal and informal links and different levels of influence. We will use your own case studies to learn the method and prepare your first Net-Map intervention with you. As an extra bonus you are entitled to 1 hour phone/skype conversation with me (Eva Schiffer, the inventor of Net-Map) within 6 months after the class, to help you implement this intervention.

On a more personal note: You will love Vicenza. It’s a beautiful, UNESCO world heritage site, ancient, but bustling with life, a brief one hour train ride from Venice. And, your family will also love it. I am bringing my mom and my 2 year old, and so far we are expecting two more children and two spouses. Our host Paolo Brunello is a native of Vicenza and has promised already to show us around the best places to eat and enjoy in Vicenza, plus he is offering a cultural trip to Venice for the whole family (if you bring them) on the day after the training.

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