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Meeting The Volta Basin Development Challenge held its inception and launching workshop from May 30-June 1, 2011.

The purpose of the inception workshop was to review and assess all VBDC projects for coherence and integration towards achieving the overall goal. Secondly it provided an opportunity to launch the research agenda, share our plans and approaches with a wider, relevant stakeholder group, and to obtain important feedback which can be fed into the research process. The key question to address during the workshop was: “What are the lessons learned in the inception phase of VBDC research and how would these lessons shape project implementation in the next phase?” It was expected that the workshop would contribute to ensuring relevance of the research agenda, as well as strengthening the integration of the five VBDC projects and their teams.

The Launching Workshop was held as part of the inception meeting. The launch was chaired by Dr Charles Biney, Director, VBA, who expressed his pleasure that the event provided an opportunity for policy makers and researchers to share information and learn from each other. He introduced the invited guests:

  • Dr Hamidou Traoré, Representative of the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation of Burkina Faso. Dr Traoré is a biocontrol expert and also the focal point of two information sharing platforms under FARA: RAILS and DONATA.
  • Dr. Abdulai Baba Salifu, Director General of CSIR, Ghana. Dr Salifou is an entomologist and has worked on integrated pest management at Savannah Agricultural Research Institute, Tamale, Ghana. He was also involved in the first phase of the CPWF.
  • Mr K. A. Tabi, Representative of the Minister for Environment, Science and Technology, Ghana.
  • Mr Tabi is the Director for Research Statistics and Information Management at the Ministry.
  • Dr Koanda Sabné, Representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in Burkina Faso.
  • Dr Koanda is an engineer specialized in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics. He is the head of several water management authorities and also teaches Mechanics at university.
  • Mr Jonas E. Fiangor, Representative of the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Ghana. Mr Fiangor is an Agric-Economist and Head of the Budget Office.

Dr Olufunke Coffie, Basin leader, CPWF, giving an overview of the project, stated that it is a multiple partnership arrangement that would through research integrate projects in the basin to ensure that water management is improved to enhance the lives of the people.

She explained that the research has been divided into five different tasks. The first research is aimed at indentifying possible sites to introduce agricultural water management interventions for small farming systems.

The second task would identify, evaluate and disseminate best-fit integrated rainwater management strategy comprising of technological solutions while the Volta Project (3) would focus on integrated management options for small reservoirs.

Volta Project four that is geared towards governance of rainwater and small reservoir to explain the processes that govern integrated water resource management to enhance on-going policy initiatives in the Volta Basin.

The final research will ensure coherence amongst the Volta Basin Challenge projects and manage there interdependences to ensure they are integrated and aligned to stakeholder needs in a bid to reduce poverty.

She said the vulnerability of the poor can be reduced if rainwater management is improved.

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