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Full Title: Uptake of integrated termite management for rehabilitation of degraded rangeland in Eastern Africa


Termite damage is symptomatic of many degraded rangeland ecosystems and is associated with inappropriate land and water management. Addressing this problem has broader implications that are likely to impact on livelihoods of poor and vulnerable livestock keepers. This project built on the work of the CPWF Phase 1 project ‘Improving livestock productivity in the Nile basin’ PN37. In particular it built on the project’s use of manure from night corralling of cattle as part of a strategy for overcoming apparent termite damage in Uganda’s Cattle Corridor and increasing water productivity.

The project brought together technical solutions for integrated termite management (ITM) from the PN37 project and ongoing research work with innovation system approaches in the context of the Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) projects in Ethiopia. The work focused on Nakasongola in Uganda and on Diga Woreda in Ethiopia. The latter was one of the three priority study sites of the NBDC. The broader goal was to encourage wider use of ITM in other termite-affected areas in Uganda and Ethiopia.  The project aimed to identify appropriate combinations of technical and institutional options for ITM at both the Uganda and Ethiopia locations through a process of shared learning and a focus on innovation. It included a literature review and baseline studies in both locations, participatory experimentation by linking farmers to other stakeholders, and reflection and dissemination workshops at different levels.


International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) (lead), International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Makerere University, Wollega University, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Project Leader


1.Jan.2012 – 30.Apr.2014 (28 months)

Geographic Area

Eastern Africa, Nile Basin; Ethiopia, Uganda; Diga, Nakasongola