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With the new year, some key staff changes are taking place. Dr. Boru Douthwaite who has been the Innovation and Impact Director for the last three years will be joining the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS) which is lead by WorldFish.

Boru-Douthwaite-160x120He will play a similar role as he had in CPWF and this opportunity is a testimony to the relevance of CPWF experience and insight for other research for development programs. Boru was instrumental in setting up a structure for the basin development challenges in such a way that the responded directly to regional basin problems which were globally relevant. At the heart of this approach is the use of theory of change to ensure that research is directed along clearly defined and plausible development pathways.

“The CPWF has been my intellectual home and inspiration for six years.  While sad to leave, I am happy that the time has come for many of the ideas we’ve developed and tested and that I can now play my part in taking them forward.”

For the next six months, Boru will work 30% of his time for the CPWF on areas of joint benefit to AAS/WorldFish and the Consortium Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) under which CPWF operates. Boru will continue to lead the Learning to Innovate Topic Working Group and continue as part-time member of the CPWF Management Team with responsibility for the Ganges Basin Development Challenge.

In the long-term CRP 5 on Water, Land and Ecosystems and CPWF will jointly recruit an Innovation and Impact Director.

Tonya Schuetz In the interim, Tonya Schuetz will take over as acting Innovation and Impact Director. Tonya has worked with the CPWF since 2004.. First working as a project coordinator for a number of CPWF projects in the Volta, Limpopo and Sao Francisco. Since 2009, Tonya was the Information Manager for CPWF.

In this new role, she will focus on following through with the theory of change approach, which is the binding element for the CPWF knowledge management elements (M&E, Information Management and Communication). Other areas will be the innovation funds 2nd call, making CPWF’s impacts accessible from a qualitative as well as quantitative angle, and preparation for handing over to the new incoming Impact and Innovations Director for WLE/CPWF.