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From November 5th to the 7th the ‘International Conference on Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development’ will be held in Central Drakensburg, South Africa. Organized by the Water Research Commission and the South African Department of Water Affairs, the conference will bring together policy makers, scientists, water managers and civil society to discuss how water resources can be better governed in order to ensure future sustainability.

The conference was selected as a good opportunity for CPWF to share information about the work we do, as well as some results, with a wide and diverse audience in the south African region. We have organized a special session at the conference, entitled ‘Mainstreaming innovations: lessons from the CPWF on small reservoirs and multiple use systems’, which will be led by Dr. Hannah Jaenicke. The session description reads as follows:

The Challenge Program Water and Food has carried out research on water use and water governance since 2004 and has recently started to collate marketable innovations stemming from this research in Southern Africa and elsewhere. The program is interested in the ways in which research results can best be packaged for policy and project implementers for the greatest impact. The special session will have two objectives. The first is to share knowledge from previous research and allow for brokerage on specific topics raised by the participants. The second is to provide a platform to share innovations and invite feedback from a broad constituency of participants. The information from the session will feed into a Source Book on Water Management, which will contribute to capacity building on agricultural water management in southern and other regions in Africa.

The event is intended to provide feedback on CPWF’s efforts to repackage Phase 1 research results into materials for development-oriented audiences. These activities are being undertaken through an IFAD grant [PDF]. The final products will be mainstreamed into the IFAD portfolio in an effort to assist development experts, both within and beyond IFAD, to make use of CPWF’s existing knowledge base.