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As part of the IFAD ‘Mainstreaming Innovations’ grant, CPWF and its partners will use events organized by IFAD and other  partners as opportunities to communicate key research findings and promote uptake of successful strategies. As part of this, CPWF will take part in the following events this September:

  • 11th September 2013, IFAD Headquarters, Rome – CPWF will organize an event around the evolution of payment for environmental services to benefit sharing mechanisms to share and discuss CPWF experiences and successes with interested IFAD staff including Country Program Managers and staff from the Policy and Technical Advisory Division and the Environment and Climate Change Division. CPWF-Andes basin leader, Miguel Saravia, and Andes 2 project leader, Marcela Quintero will present their stories.

Andes BSM

  • 12th- 13th September, 2013, FAO Headquarters, Rome – CPWF will host an event on ‘Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Remuneration of Positive Externalities / Payments for Environmental Services’. The event will present stories on Payment for Environmental Services and other incentive mechanisms for sustainable land and water management. Draft agenda: