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By Emma Coats

Gender has been looked at in many CPWF Mekong projects but four have a specific gender focus: the MK1 livelihoods project, the MK10 institutional knowledge project, the MK13 gender safeguards project, and the Opportunity Fund study on fisherwomen in southern Laos.

Launch of the gender manual

photo credit: Jerry Galea/OxfamAus

photo credit: Jerry Galea/OxfamAus

Last month at the Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy in Hanoi, Oxfam Australia – leading the MK13 project – launched their much-anticipated Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) manual Balancing the scales: Using gender impact assessment in hydropower development. The GIA manual is designed for use by hydropower and consulting companies involved in social and environmental impact assessments on dams.

It is a resource that provides basic tools to incorporate gender impact assessment more comprehensively into dam project cycles.


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