Taking Stock at the 3rd International Forum on Water and Food

The 3rd International Forum on Water and Food (IFWF3), convened in Tshwane, South Africa during November 2011. IFWF3 demonstrated the value of CPWF’s multi-stakeholder, research-for-development approach. The Forum report, entitled “Streams of innovation: Improving people’s lives through research on water and food“, synthesizes the main outcomes and issues identified at the IFWF3 and serves as [...]

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Have you missed the story?

It is not just about “engendering” research projects for the sake of rhetorical equality; it is about how robust your research is.
Women play crucial roles in guaranteeing food and water security. In developing countries, they comprise more than 60…

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Climate Change in African Basins

Climate Change in Africa’s Major River Basins Could Impede Continent’s Farm Transformation Efforts, Increase Cross-Border Water Conflicts A five year global research project focused on water, food and poverty nexus in major river basins recently released new information on climate change impacts for these basins. In their examination of the potential effects over the next [...]

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Climate change in the Andes: Myths, doubts and certainties

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Climate change in the Andes is shrouded in myths that risk concealing the real issues
By Alejandra Visscher
It’s a myth that rising temperatures and the melting of glaciers in the Andes is the main factor influencing water availability.
This finding em…

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One Month Later – The Director’s Post-Forum Reflections

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A month after our third Forum, what sticks in my mind? It was an intense week, rich in encounters, sparkling debates and a blossom of new ideas. Our Forum’s Policy and Impact Panel helped us better understand who we are, what we do, and how we impact…

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Nile BDC heads south – NBDC presence at the International Forum for Water and Food

Nile Basin participants reflect on the IFWF3 With a 45-person delegation, the Nile Basin was well-represented at the third International Forum for Water and Food. The Forum, which took place in Thswane, South Africa, from 14 to 17 November 2011, brought about 300 representatives from the six river basins of the CGIAR Challenge Programme on [...]

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Can we build a better dam?

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An interview with Mr Pech Sokhem, representative to Cambodia for CPWF-Mekong
By Songpol Kaopatumtip
Do you think it is possible to build a better dam?
As an optimistic person I can say yes. But there are certain conditions that have to be met.

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Multi-stakeholder and innovation platforms – Experiences shared in the CPWF forum

One of the ‘learning to innovate’ sessions in the 2011 Third International Forum on Water and Food looked at experiences within the CPWF with multi-stakeholder Platforms (MSP) and Innovation Platforms (IP). The session started with a brief introduction, and then three presentations from Alan Duncan (ILRI/Nile – his presentation; a poster on innovation platforms), Andre [...]

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Integrating livestock into rainwater management systems in Ethiopia

During the 2011 Third International Forum on Water and Food (in South Africa) Amare Haileselassie from ILRI reflected on ways that livestock can be integrated into rainwater management systems and strategies in Ethiopia. The overall aim is to improve ‘livestock water productivity’ through the adoption of various practices at farm and landscape levels. View the [...]

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New Agriculturist: Ethiopia: Improving community livelihoods through integrated watershed management"

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“Like many parts of the Ethiopian highlands, the Lenche Dima watershed has suffered from severe land degradation and over-grazing by cattle. Increasingly erratic seasonal rains have also contributed to erosion. However, a watershed development project,…

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