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Radical overhaul of agriculture can create farms that enhance rather than degrade the world’s ecosystems, says new report

CPWF and IWMI have developed a joint media release for Stockholm World Water Week on the importance of taking an Ecosystem Services Approach to how we manage and use water.  The Ecosystem Services Approach recognizes the benefits that ecosystems provide to people’s livelihoods. Within these ecosystems, soil, water, tree cover, crops, fish, and livestock have multiple functions and interact in multiple ways.

An Ecosystem Service Approach also provides a framework for helping farmers and communities prepare for the impact of unpredictable climate, market fluctuations, and social and political upheaval. It will also allow for careful planning in the use of water resources so we maintain the health of the ecosystem while addressing the needs of local users. In this way, communities can save their people from suffering the effects of short-term disaster.

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Dr. Alain Vidal’s World Environmental Day Message


Marcela Quintero on benefit sharing mechanisms

Dr. Alain Vidal, Director of the Challenge Program on Water and Food, talk about the CPWFs works on ecosystem services and is contributing to World Environment Day. Dr. Marcela Quintero from CIAT discusses the CPWF project on Benefit Sharing Mechanisms in the Andes Systems of River Basins
Case studies related to ecosystem services
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