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IFWF3.1CPWF viewed events as a way to not only disseminate the program’s findings and approach, but also foster the relationships and shared understanding that were instrumental to its success. As such, the program invested considerable resources and time into participation in and organization of a wide variety of events, from monthly meetings of basin projects to three international forums, and from village dissemination workshops to global policy events.

Browse through blogs and resources for all CPWF events or explore some of our main events below.

International Forum on Water and Food

CPWF held three International Forums on Water and Food in 2006, 2009 and 2011. The Forum was one of the central mechanisms for sharing results and lessons from CPWF research. The event brought together all CPWF projects as well as prominent people in related sectors and organizations.

Each forum was run in an interactive and dynamic way. Reflecting the research-for-development focus of CPWF, forums emphasized learning and interaction, rather than just presentation of conventional scientific research. The agenda ensured that CPWF research results were examined in light of development and policy implications for the river basins where CPWF worked.

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Stockholm World Water Week

CPWF maintained a strong presence at Stockholm World Water Week, and will do so in 2014 with a large event launching the program’s book. Browse through the resources from 2011, 2012 and 2013, or view all stories.

World Water Day

Read stories from CPWF’s participation in World Water Day.


Read stories from CPWF’s participation in Rio+20.

IFAD Grant Events

Participation in Regional and IFAD Events

CPWF and its partners used organized by IFAD and other regional partners as opportunities to communicate key research findings and promote uptake of successful strategies.

Contributions to strategic regional events

  • 2013, Nov. 12-14: Mekong Forum on Water Food and Energy, Hanoi, Vietnam, Knowledge Reservoir as a Share Fair contribution to the overall and bigger Forum.  With some launches of repackaged materials from projects and under the IFAD grant.
  • 2013, Nov. 4-8: Katoomba Group Meeting (Andes);  Through it’s Andes partner, CONDESAN, CPWF has an opportunity to contribute to an event organized by Katoomba (an international network of individuals working to promote, and improve capacity related to, markets and payments for ecosystem services). The group serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategic information about ecosystem service transactions and markets, as well as site for collaboration between practitioners.
  • 2013, Oct. 22: Volta Basin Authority Forum of Parties Meeting, we contributed a half a day hands on demonstration the three key outputs from the Volta Basin work, Targeting AGricultural Management Interventions/ Investments (TAGMI) tool, Innovation Platforms and a participatory modeling tool (Companion Modelling)
  • 2013, Sep. 17-19: Knowledge Fair organized for policy and decion-makers during the Volta Science Week, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
  • 2013, Sep. 12-13: CPWF event on ‘Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Remuneration of Positive Externalities / Payments for Environmental Services’ at FAO Headquarters, Rome
  • 2013, Sep. 3-7: FANRPAN Regional Dialogue, Lesotho.
  • 2013, Jul. 16: FARA science week, CPWF side event on CPWF’s experience on the importance and various forms of Engagement Platforms in Research for Development; Accra, Ghana and launch of a collection of briefs on Innovation Platforms experiences, see the following articles from this event:
  • 2013, May 30: FANRPAN Partner meeting, Tswane, South Africa
  • 2013, May 21: IFAD Water-related Grants Share Fair, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
  • 2013, Apr. 15-18: CPWF MetaSynthesis writeshop, Analysis and synthesizing of CPWF projects and findings into a book, Montpellier, France
  • 2013 throughout, upon request: Incubator Initiative (Andes); see more at Watershed Services Incubator Projects  launched by the Peruvian Ministry of Environment (Minam), working with Forest Trends and with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Ministry of Environment of Peru is interested in CPWF lessons, findings and results on benefit sharing mechanisms.  CPWF-Andes will collaborate and contribute regionally to this initiative and the mainstreaming of applicable research for development findings.
  • 2012, Nov. 12: a manned booth with materials on at the share fair for the IFAD West and Central Africa regional annual meeting Banjul, The Gambia
  • 2012, Nov. 10-11: session component at the two-day training organized by IWMI IMAWESA grant team on Agricultural Water Management Challenging Contexts projects
  • 2012, Nov. 5: Special Session on Mainstreaming Innovations at the Fresh Water Governance Conference in the Drakensberg, South Africawith technical inputs about Small Reservoirs and Multiple Use System in South Africa

Organization of Sharing Events

In 2013, CPWF and its partners organized a number of regional sharing events that targeted development practitioners.

  • planned for 2014, Apr./May: Knowledge Fair, Ghers and Sarjons: Climate change and the art of farmer land-water landscapes (Ganges);   Creative management through farmer innovation has resulted in systems being made more productive, more diversified and more resilient to the future changes in the area.  These farmers’ land-water landscapes innovations, such as ghers and sargon systems, which are critical to future farming in this area, have not received enough attention and will be the focus of this farmer-oriented knowledge fair
  • 2013, Nov. 8-9: Knowledge Fair: Women in the Brackish Water Shrimp Zone of Southwest Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities (Ganges);  The CPWF-Ganges has been working with researchers and farmers to address issues of aquaculture productivity, crop productivity and resilient agriculture systems within a region defined by salinity challenges.  Not all community members share equally in the potential of these systems nor the focus of current research and extension efforts.  Organizing a knowledge fair is an attempt to bring greater voice to those who are less empowered, particularly women, to discuss and prioritize opportunities and innovations that provide a more equitable share of the benefits.
  • 2013, Sep. 11: A CPWF event on ‘The evolution of payment for environmental services to benefit sharing mechanisms’ will be organized to share and discuss CPWF experiences with interested IFAD staff. CPWF-Andes basin leader, Miguel Saravia, and Andes 2 project leader, Marcela Quintero will present their stories.
  • 2013, Jul. 14-15: Participatory Action Research: State of the Art for Research in Development (Ganges);  This 2-day learning event brought together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners in Bangladesh who have been engaged in participatory action research with farmers and farming communities in an effort to better link technology and knowledge development in the formal research sector with efforts of the CGIAR to support farmer and community-led research, knowledge generation and scaling up.
  • 13 March 2013: Launching of the first set of CPWF Outcome stories at IFAD Head Quarters, Rome, Italy
  • 2013, Apr. 17-18: IFAD project start up workshop, Xia Xia, Mozambique; linking IFAD to some CPWF regional experts to participate and explore potential for sharing, learning and collaboration.
  • 2013, Apr. 10: Ganges Reflection Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh with various stakeholders participation