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About the CPWF Innovation Fund

The CPWF Innovation Fund was established in 2011 to spur innovation and catalyze change in CPWF research for development projects by building capacity and supporting emerging and unanticipated opportunity.  The Fund announced its first round awardees in August 2011.  Eight projects of less than one year duration were awarded grants totaling more than US$ 165,000 in five of the six basins that CPWF works in: Ganges, Limpopo, Mekong, Nile and Volta.

The grants and the corresponding funds awarded for 2011 were:

  1. Mainstreaming gender in the CPWF: Benchmarking and addressing immediate needs
  2. Development of a web-based decision support system for agricultural water management of small reservoirs and small water infrastructure in the Limpopo basin
  3. Volta Storylines and Scenarios: A mouthpiece for interventions to enhance livelihoods
  4. The wheels of innovation: local challenge funds for rainwater management interventions
  5. Participatory video: a novel mechanism for sharing community perceptions with decision makers
  6. Building Provincial Capacity to Understand the Water Demand Implications of Socio-Economic Development Plans in Central Viet Nam
  7. Sharing Lessons on Hydropower Development Processes and Stakeholder Engagement between Cambodia and Lao PDR
  8. Implementing community level water management in coastal Bangladesh