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The table below gives an overview of all the 68 Phase 1 projects including: their project number (PN), short project title, the basins and countries in which work was conducted, as well as the lead institutions.

PN[1] Project Title Basins[2] Countries Lead Institute
1st call projects
01 Crop Water Technology & Markets LIM South Africa, Zimbabwe ICRISAT
02 Water Productivity Improvement in Eritrea NI Eritrea ICARDA
05 Rainwater & Nutrient Use Efficiency VOL Burkina Faso, Ghana ICRISAT
06 Strategic Innovations in Dryland Farming VOL Ghana CSIR SARI
07 Productivity in Salt Affected Areas IGB, MK Bangladesh, India IRRI
08 Water Productivity Karkheh KHB Iran ICARDA
10 Coastal Resource Management for Improving Livelihoods MK, IGB Bangladesh, Vietnam IRRI
11 Upper Catchment Rice Landscape MK, Red River China, Laos IRRI
12 Yellow River Rainfed Conservation YRB China CIMMYT
15 Unraveling Mysteries Quesungual System AN, Calico, Lempira Honduras CIAT
16 Aerobic Rice System YRB, IGB, MK China, India, Vietnam IRRI
17 IWRM Improved Rural Livelihoods LIM Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe WaterNet
19 Upstream-downstream Impacts Nile NI IWMI
20 Sustaining Inclusive Collective Action AN, NI Colombia, Kenya CIAT
22 Environmental Services & Rural Development AN Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Condesan
23 Resources Management and Sustainable Livelihood IGB India, Nepal IWMI
24 Livelihood Resilence in Dry Areas KHB Iran ICARDA
25 Companion Modeling & Water Dynamics MK, Bhutan Bhutan, India, Nepal CIRAD
28 Multiple Water Use AN, IGB, LIM, MK, NI Bolivia, India, Colombia, Ethiopia, Nepal, South Africa, Thailand, Zimbabwe IWMI
30 Wetlands Welfare & Environmental Security LIM Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique IWMI
34 Improved Fisheries in Tropical Reservoirs IGB, NI, VOL Ghana, Egypt, India WFC
35 Community Based Fish Culture IGB, MK, Niger Banglasdesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Mali WFC
36 Improved Livelihoods in Dam Management NI Ethiopia, Uganda IWMI
37 Nile Livestock Water Productivity NI Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda ILRI
38 Safer Peri-urban Vegetable Production VOL Ghana, Burkina Faso KNUST
40 Integrating Governance & Modeling AN, VOL Ghana, Chile IFPRI
42 Groundwater Governance IGB, YRB Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal IWMI
46 Small Multi-purpose Reservoir Planning VOL, LIM, SFB Brazil. Burkina Faso, Ghana, Zimbabwe IWMI
47 African Transboundary Governance LIM, VOL Burkina Faso, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe IWMI
48 Strategic Analysis in River Linking IGB India IWMI
50 Multi-scale Mekong Water Governance MK Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam CMU
2nd call projects
51 Wastewater Irrigation Opportunities & Risks VOL Ghana UoC
52 Mekong Fisheries Management Institutions MK Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam IFM&CCD
53 Food & Water Security in Global Change NI, LIM Ethiopia, South Africa IFPRI
Basin Focal Projects (BFP)
54 BFP Central All CPWF-CIAT
55 BFP Volta VOL Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Togo IRD
56 BFP Sao Francisco SFB Brazil UC Davis
57 BFP Karkheh KHB Iran IWMI
58 BFP Mekong MK Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam CSIRO
59 BFP Nile NI Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan IWMI
60 BFP Indo Gangetic IGB Bangladesh, India, Nepal IWMI
61 BFP Yellow River YRB China IFPRI
62 BFP Limpopo LIM Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa Zimbabwe ARC/ FANRPAN
63 BFP Andean AN Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru KCL
64 BFP Niger Niger Mali, Niger, Nigeria IRD
65 Shallow Groundwater Irrigation Volta VOL Ghana IWMI
66 Water Rights in Informal Economies LIM, VOL Ghana, Mozambique South Africa, Zimbabwe IWMI
67 Improving Mekong Water Allocation MK Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam GriffinNRM
68 Water Productivity in Crop-Livestock IGB India IWMI
69 Valuing Wetland Resources in China YRB China WFC
70 Resource Degradation in Peruvian Andes AN Peru IFPRI
71 Water Allocation in the Tonle Sap MK Cambodia IWMI
72 Improving Resilience in Small-scale Fisheries Niger Mali, Nigeria WFC
Small Grants Program (SG)
501 Participatory water resource planning and development for economic sufficiency MK Thailand KKU
502 Innovative market-based strategies MK Cambodia IDE
503 Conditions for Sustainable Adoption of Water and Moisture System Innovations NI Tansania SWMRG
504 System of Rice Intensification management practices MK Thailand AIT
505 Enabling Endogenous Potential for Improved Management and Conservation of Water Resources AN Ecuador WN-AAP
506 Improving catchment and use efficiency of water for high-value dry season crops VOL Ghana SARI
507 Scaling up Dissemination of Micro-Irrigation and Associated Water-control Technologies GB India, Nepal IDE-International
508 Selecting and scaling up water-efficient farming and groundwater recharge systems IGB India HP2P
509 Sustainable Water Management for Food Security for Smallholder Farming Communities NI Ethiopia ISD
510 Associated cropping and enhanced rainwater AN Colombia FUNDAEXPRESIÓN
511 Outscaling and upscaling community- based water management strategies KHB Iran CENESTA
512 Sustainable dissemination of Low-cost irrigation technologies IGB India IDE
513 Teaching rural women water harvesting and conservation NI Uganda SJFPOTC
514 Increasing agricultural productivity through Rain Water Harvesting from roads LIM South Africa WV
Commission Research
IA Impact Assessment multi CPWF/ CIAT
CBA Cost-Benefit Analysis multi CPWF/ CIAT


[1]PN = Project number

[2]AN = Andean Basins, IGB = Indo-Ganges Basin, LIM = Limpopo, VOL = Volta, MK = Mekong, YRB = Yellow River Basin, SFB = Sao Francisco Basin, KHB = Karkheh, NI = Nile